Axel Rothe - Cinematographer (Kameramann) / Colorist - Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt


It all started with a still image.


Let's Make Visions come True.

I believe the perfect movie is a combination of great storytelling and well thought out visuals and sound, that lets the viewer see a world that is bigger than the images presented to him. I don’t just want to make you a flashy video, with a constantly moving camera that hides all the dull stuff behind screen filling lens flares. I want to make your vision come to life. I want to build your world.

Give me a call if that sounds like something you're into.

+49 (0)151 5222 8951

Not so chatty? (I totally get that.)



Bärenhecke, Commercial, Directed by Roman Rögner, Written by Axel Rothe

FILM OF THE MONTH (Sputnik Kino Berlin)
Gestern Gibt Es Nicht, Shortfilm, Directed by Meike Wüstenberg


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