Please fill out the following handoff paper. If you have any questions you can call me or write me.

Project Specs
What is your Project called? This is used in filenames and project data.
Deadline *
When is this project due. Please factor in some time for revisions.
What Type of Project is this? Standard Dynamic Range or High Dynamic Range?
Distribution *
Where will this be shown. Select the appropriate viewing enviroments.
How are you sending us the files?
In Gigabytes
Please, specify what the timeline resolution of this project is.
Please, specify the project framerate.
Bit Depth/Compression *
Select which bitrates and compression the project was shot with
Recording Gamma/Gammut *
Please select the Gammas/Gammuts that were used in production.
How is this project being delivered to the studio? If you are unsure, please contact me and I'll be glad to explain your options.
This is usually the same as the project timelines framerate.
Output Gamma / Gammut *
Select the Gamma / Gammut Combinations you need for delivery.
Codecs *
Please specify which codecs you will be needing for delivery.
Cinema DCP Package
Do you require a DCP Package for use in theatres?