Axel Rothe - Cinematographer (Kameramann) / Colorist - Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt

Cinematography / Bildgestaltung

Great Movies are not made on set.

To me the job of the cinematographer is to consult and help the director lure his vision onto the big screen. Talking about the story is almost as important as making it happen on set. By understanding the story, I can create the world that it inhabits and craft the images it needs.

“Our role is to tell stories by not merely illustrating but creating.” - Matt Black

Great cinematography is the result of an engaging collaboration between the director and the cinematographer.

Why you should work with me


Preproduction is where the magic happens. I believe that a well thought out concept goes a long way and differentiates your movie dramatically from the rest. It's what makes a movie a movie.

Commercials benefit a lot from previzualisation; especially in 3D and VFX heavy films. I make mock-ups that are accurate to real life.

My preproduction will save you time on set, when it really matters.


Making movies happen is a tough business.

Thanks to a thorough preproduction we will be well prepared with clearly defined goals. So that should murphy's law strike – it always does – we know which knobs to turn so that we end up where we wanted to be or maybe even somewhere better.

I'll be right there beside you on set making sure the gears are running smoothly.


My material is clean and has all the information needed: reference white and black, retained highlights, a color palette and most of all correctly exposed skin tones. This means that the editor and colorist don't need to waste expensive time on color correction or matching shots.

The time saved is the time they can spend on making your movie even better.