Axel Rothe - Cinematographer (Kameramann) / Colorist - Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt

Color Grading / Farbkorrektur

A movie is written three times...


...once by the screenwriter, once in principal photography and once again in postproduction. Your content is locked down? You've got amazing footage that looks grey and dull? You turned the dials in your editing program, but somehow it still looks all dirty and brownish?

That's when you need a professional colorist, like me. I make sure that the images flow and support your vision.



So maybe you rushed production or your cameraman hit the wrong button on the camera. That's what color correction is for. I adjust all images to make them match visually and make sure that nothing distracts the viewers attention from your storytelling.

Got some really messed up footage? You'd be surprised what can be made usable again.


This is when it gets fun. Anything can happen here. But most of all this is where we finalize the images you had in your head when you started writing the story months ago.

When all is said and done you can lean back with a smile and see your work dance before your eyes.